Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brain in a bottle

As requested, here is the brain culture I keep in a bottle on my desk. You can see that a pair of eyes have begun to develop. Not much longer now, it will become sentient and I'll have myself a girlfriend in a bottle.


Okay. yeah. Um. The rest of the pictures are just me chasing around the sun on my way home from work yesterday. Nothing fancy. It's tough to find a place to park in LA so I can shoot.. Especially around rush hour. Maybe some Parkour action is necessary for those tight city shots.

-too fast? click on pause, and manually move it, or click on the picture to switch to my google picasa album. Also, certain broswers may chop the slideshow frame. Best click on the picture to go to the picasa album version, and hit Full Frame or Slideshow there, for the full effect. :] Enjoy!!

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