Monday, September 21, 2009

San Francisco

San Francisco pictures cometh!

Took me long enough, I know I know. I'm not even really finished yet either. There are more than 600 pictures to sort through, and that's after the first pass already. It's just hard for me to let go of pictures from a city that I love. But then again, most of the pictures I took were architectural stuff, among the usual pics of meandering me and I figure not everybody would like to see my every step, and every alley, and every block I came across to, and so I just put in this quick compilation. They're mostly the "fancy-shmancy" shots that people like to see, so we'll call them "fancy shmancy compilation." If you ask me, I'd rather see the beauty in banality. Don't worry, I'll include those too after this.

So here it is for now: The Fancy Shmancy compilation of my S.F. Trip. <-- click.

Now, for the more adventurous of youz, (or maybe just plain bored), I'll put the day-to-day shots of the trip. (see below) :] I think it's neater this way, being a sort of journey I can walk you through. Emphasis on walk, as this time around, I literally just walked everywhere, purposely going down streets I've never gone down before in prior visits. I also tried to avoid the touristy stuff. If you wanna see those, you can go hit Google, right?

***UPDATE: !! Here they are, the day-to-day takes of the trip:


Day 2 - Walking around SF

Day 3 - At the Seal Cliffs

Day 4 - Short Drive through the Fog

Day 5 - Around the Metreon

Day 6 - Last Walk through the City

Day 7 - Homeward Bound

and..we're done! Geez I hope you guys like all that, cuz I'll have you know that my @$$ hurts from sitting at the boba place waiting for the uploads. I seem to have lost all (if any) junk in my trunk while walking those SF hills. But now that I'm back in L.A., I can imbibe on endless boba to facilitate my boba butt. (_|_)