Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chantry Flats

Finally, the weekend! Time to catch the sun!

[-__-] No. No sun for me today. Once again, the sun has eluded my camera eyes. But no matter. I dig the mist, and it made for some nice forest ambiance. Besides, this is Los Angeles, and days like these are already few and far in between. Best enjoy it while it lasts. :]

So, ahead of you are the pics from Chantry Flats, not so far from my house. They're not as green as Louisiana bayous but, this is about as lush as it can get around here, really. And the misty rain actually polished some of the leaves quite nicely.

I had time to go to the Gardens, but decided to put it aside for a brighter day. It'd be a shame to dull those bright colors. Maybe next week then. :] 'Kay, enough talk. Enjoy the slideshow!

*edit - I told my friend who lives in the area of this hike about how misty it was, and she says, "Oh yeah, you were probably in a cloud." o_O That is sweet. I've never walked around in a cloud before. Felt fluffy.

-too fast? click on pause, and manually move it, or click on the picture to view them in my google picasa album. Also, certain broswers may chop the slideshow frame. Best click on the picture to go to the picasa version, and hit Slideshow there, for the full effect. :] Enjoy!!

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