Sunday, June 14, 2009


Funded by DARPA, it says:

Metal Gear??

o_O Awesome. On that note, I've just discovered how genius the Picasa app. is. Yes, fox, I said app. APPS!

Google is so efficient, it's great and scary at the same time. But hey, I'm gonna ride this wave. is another crazy thing you should check out. Makes me wonder how close we truly are to putting human awareness into artificial things. What if I am artificial?! Sent here to catalogue human habits and emotions, documenting reactions, and testing human limits. Maybe that's why I feel so ambiguous at times -- feeling like I can never really fit in, but then again, able to blend and mingle when I let myself to. I am an app! Alas. Well I hope Sony made me, if that's the case. They're great. I just programmed to think that..? o_O

too doo roo!!!!

*shutting down

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