Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures in Anime and L.A.

Anime Expo 2009!
yay? Nay. :[ I fail at being paparazzo.
It was still fun though. I guess I was expecting more of a comic-con kinda level of an expo, with booths and booths of toys and movies and such. Turns out, the only movie I would've lined up for, The Last Unicorn, was cancelled. -__- Last indeed.

Well, enjoy the trip! From the train-station, through Los Angeles and back and then beyond to the uptown of our Old Town...hope you find something you like.

Oh..and if anyone can enlighten me as to who these characters really are, please do! :] I don't know much aside from Cloud, cloud, ..and then..there was cloud...
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Anonymous said...

that person in the was me. but who is me? we shall see.

tulogNaKuya said...

i dunno who you are. but i know bianca is a big dork.


Anonymous said...

well i don't know who she is, but she is most definitely not a dorkus.