Monday, November 29, 2010

Nerf and Turf

Bought a nerf!

So at work, everybody has a nerfgun - except me. I don't really see myself shooting anyone in the face with this, (especially since it's modded for higher velocity, as per office nerf-war protocols) but I thought that since I had my painting gear out from Tony's cake topper wedding thing project that I might as well get more use out of them. ^_^;


Kinda sloppy, but I like it for my first mod. ^_^ I even added some weight inside to give it some heft!

Check out this guy's stuff though...nerf nothing! He makes it from scratch! 8 lbs of awesome:

He even has the step by step process.

I may go visit Osh Hardware store and procure some copper tubing craziness, but I think I'll stick with Nerfs (nerves?) for now. I asked my brother if I can give my nephews modded ner(ves) for Christmas this year. Without bullets of course u_u.

Nothing like some painting fun on the floor when you're home sick. :]