Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chantry Flats revisited

Back at the flats!! This time, with some sun! For comparison, check out the chantry flats hike from two weeks ago here, and see how it is when you're hiking inside a cloud.

Twas a good hike today. My friend Melissa came along and acted as my personal camera assistant. I fired her right away. Then I lost her, as I was busy zooming in on an uncooperative spider. This is a common occurrence in our hikes, so I wasn't worried at all. Though, I did see a bear along the way. Hm.

Anyway, I tried not to take the same shots from last time, focusing now on how the sun affects things. The non-misty-slick rocks also permitted me to go further into some cooler places. I Hope I captured it well for you guys to see. I also stuck with the 18-50mm kit lens this time as opposed to the telephoto zoom from the last hike. But I really wish I had that all-around 18-250mm lens now, more than ever. So many critters this time around and I had to miss many shots because I knew I had no time to pull out the zoom lens. blahhh. Owhell. You'll have to settle for Melissa as the critter. ;]


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Paul said...

when you usually start shooting? it must be hot last weekend.