Monday, October 17, 2011

Running through a forest

The forest at night is far from quiet, but still very peaceful. How easy would it be to be like a tree there, in the dark. Just another hazy silhouette blending in with the rest. Don't mind me, I'm just a tree.

At one point, as I ran back up the trail, I pretended there was something behind me. A Dire-wolf. It was chasing me but it made no sound. No breath, no padding of paws on the ground. I'd see it when I look behind me, then I'd know it was still there, but otherwise, it was a quiet chase. Like a fatal game of green light red light, except it probably didn't stop at the red lights.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Score! My town becomes Garage Sale Central on the weekends. My favorite has got to be those plump cat-slash-foxes. It's like they ate an 8-ball. I asked for a bargain for the two (one was labeled 50 cents, the other 75 cents) and she says, "Yeah, you can have both for $1.50" o_o

Waiiitaminute.. (-_- )9 I ain't such a rapscallion that I can't see what you're pullin, old lady! Make it $5.00 and you got a deal! >.>

(click on image to zoom)

The Red Pony - .50¢
Pioneers in Science: Albert Einstein - .50¢
Fox/cats - $1.50 for two
Antique craftsman lantern - $5
1977 Star Wars trading cards - $2 for the lot
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego puzzle - $1
Fancy square sheets of paper - .10¢ per sheet plus 2 free
Wooden cigar boxes of awesome - $2
House of Seven Gables - $1
Book of Renoir slides - $1

Sunday, August 7, 2011


A gift for a friend.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Horsefly Hike

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Horse-fly Facts

Horsefly? Yes. Because as soon as you get above the clouds, you're greeted by another type of cloud: that of a million blood-sucking horse flies. Relentless beasts, that prolly haven't fed on human blood in a while. At least it seemed that way. And if you slowed down for even one bit, they get more aggressive, attacking your face, making us keep an unforgiving pace up the already tough climb.

It's like the forest was trying to shoo us away. Luckily we met a guy that shared some of his bug-spray with us. We were already at the top, but it was still a welcome reprieve. They still swarmed, but at least they stopped biting.

Aside from that, the hike was pretty cool. Being under and inside the clouds was nice. The view above them was awesome (in between shooing flies.) (Towel was extra handy for this) Brawny the dog was a trooper. I wish he was a pet frog, or praying mantis though. Or pet giant spider web. Or pet blow-torch...yeah! (not really. only you can prevent forest fires.)

Mileage: - About 12.2 miles


- Maybe 7 flies. (not in one blow) (they feel like tiny raisins when you brush them off)

- My feet. 3 blisters. Yeah, pretty steep going down. Might need new shoes.

- Our sunny disposition.

Highlight of the hike:

- Getting back to the parking lot and sitting down with a can of cold cream soda.

- 2nd highlight: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich mm. Crunchy.

Started at 8am in chantry flats, got back to the lot at 5pm. Decent hike. Wouldn't do it again, at least not when the flies are around. -_-

Why is it that I always do these extreme hikes with Mel? Good times.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A la balcon

I know these days won't last. Soon it will be too hot to sit midday under the sky, even if it is this cloudy. So I steal time between work and work, and just let my mind go along the pace of these clouds. Northward for the time being.

Being that high up, I bet it feels like laying at the bottom of a swimming pool, looking up - detached from what you see above, with just a constant murrrr in your ears. Yeah, it must be just as peaceful up there, looking down. Still and quiet, swaying with the slight push of clouds. Outside-looking-in, macro version.

A parrot squawks and I'm back in my head, a moment later, at my desk; inside-looking-out.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Playing with Paper lately..

..this piano will do until I get a real one.

Mi is broken at the moment.

( ._.)

Monday, May 2, 2011

There are no pictures in this post.

It's 2AM -The street is wide, and dark, and the only light are the stars, behind a slide-show of tree top silhouettes. I glide on my bike with a piano track on repeat, sobering up from somber thoughts that mingle with mockingbirds' sweet sonata. I'm heading home and I tell myself that they got it wrong, because at the moment, it's certainly not where the heart is.

That's an excerpt from my extended Sunday. My bio-clock has been shaken up once again and along with coffee, and a mind torn up, in turmoil, the best thing to do at the time was to get on the bike and ride, and then ride some more.

I headed out around 10pm and got back around 3am, after pretty much navigating all the dark streets of South Pasadena and then hitching on the midnight train to Del Mar, and visiting the back alleys of Pasadena proper and well on through San Marino and back.

No I didn't find my soul, and whatever answers I may have found, were put to question as the miles added up. Maybe there is a conclusion to this cathartic ride that I have yet to agree upon, but I fear for the morning (few hours) after, when fickle thoughts yet again occur.

Maybe the answers come after the deed is done, and then maybe then, the answer will beg more questions. What good is it then to question?
Well that's a question right there, and I believe, also the answer.

Piano Track on repeat

Mockingbird on repeat

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dinosaurs get little respect sometimes.