Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Camera Test Run!! Part I

Feeling out my new cam! :]

June Gloom o_O

June Gloom's Blooms

I think he said it the camera's waterproof

Zoom Zpee! <.< >.> o_o

aw caw-mon, don't fly away :รพ

the ninja-bag from blorg prior

Of course, leaves with droplets. Every photo blog should have 'em.
This was when I was in the jungle...

...of LA

The following are for Sid:

What? no HD boba pics? Be patient, dear readers..


Koala said...


Yay, pictures! Shiny! & you got your rain, too! (zzzoom!)

How's the camera-stuff going?

Sid said...


soooo hungry.

I want... bulgogi.