Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hike - Buckhorn to Cooper Canyon

A hike that isn't Chantry.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fly Fisher

I've been meeting some interesting people lately, so I think I'm going to start writing about them. If I get up to a good amount, then maybe I'll branch it off into it's own little section.

I'll start with today:

Went up to go hiking under the falls after work (from home) and saw a guy fishing at the bottom of the trail. I was hoping I wouldn't get locked in because it was getting late, but I had to stop and just watch. He was fly-fishing and after a few minutes, I saw him catch one! A surprise for me, since I usually see people fishing in my hikes and I never see them catch any. Maybe it was because it was late and nobody was around, or maybe he knew what he was doing. Well he called me over as he was releasing what he caught and we chatted it up a bit, and while doing so I saw him catch another one!

He talked about how fly fishing was the real way to go, and how he makes his own flies; in this case in particular he made it look like a mayfly emerging from the water.

It was great to see someone fish like that, making it seem so effortless. He mentioned that he caught 4 in the past 15 minutes and around 11 in the past 2 hours.

Sunlight was fading and I knew we had to go so we started our way back up, and talked along the way. Neat guy, this Derrick. From Ireland, judging from his accent. Good thing I met him too because on the way back down we DID get locked in, but he somehow knew the combination of one of the locks. No wonder he didn't seem to fret about the time while he was fishing. Well, it was nice of him to walk back up with me then if he didn't really have to.

So what's so special about meeting this person? Not much I suppose but it fits in with my recent phase of restructuring my life. I should say re-balancing. Work has been quite mechanical just recently, and despite me loving the art of it, I feel like I have put a lot of what I really value in living, aside. Yeah it's happened before and will happen again, but I am glad that I am still able to recognize what's really important in my life and get to getting it back on track when I get derailed.

So here's a guy who was fishing because he, too, was trying to escape the sometimes unavoidable trap of this modern lifestyle. "Just taking the rod out to his church under the woods," he told his wife.

So what will I do now? Well, I'm gonna keep on hiking. I'm trying to hike more in the wee hours before I go to work. It's a shame I cannot get home early enough to hike a good hike, and a shame that I sometimes don't wake up early enough to go before work, but today was a good day, and I'm gonna keep trying. I miss the solitary peacefulness up there. I'll take birdsong over traffic sounds any day.

Cool day. Then after shaking hands and going our separate ways, he looked back and said, in his Irish accent, "Hey, you should take a special girl out here for a nice hike, y'know!"

o_O um, yeah, i... try? I thought that was a bit out of the blue, but hey, thanks for lookin' out! I did not say those things btw, but i thought them. ^_^

The End.