Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mid-Week Randomness

Well, I kinda held off from posting more pics...wanting the green forest to stay lush in my head. (and yours) But I've been harassed and coerced to post, and so this is what you get: randomness! :]

Not like I have much to take pictures of anyway, being between weekends and all. So this is mostly the usual drive through L.A. pics as I go to work. Moonroof musings and the like. There was an interesting rolly polly though. He looked like he must've been running away from something. Maybe a koala. I heard that Koalas like to peel pillbugs. Peel-bugs if you may. Unrolling the rolly-polly.

You shouldnt believe anything I say really. It's 4 in the morning for cryin out loud.


Too fast? click on pause, and manually move it, or click on the picture to view them in my google picasa album. Also, certain broswers may chop the slideshow frame. Best click on the picture to go to the picasa version, and hit Fullscreen there, for the full effect. :] Enjoy!!

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