Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mechanical Musings

Friday! Wow this was a quick week. Only three days of work, yet I am open arms to this weekend. -takes in the weekend air-

Well, earlier, as I stepped out to do my usual lunch-break walkaround, I was waylaid by this saucesome machine! Some sort of tar layer-upper I believe. (or layer downer..would be more appropriate) I dig these mechanical things..dunno bout you. >:]
I dig detail (if you hadn't noticed already by now) and I dig moving parts.
And doves.
Dig the dove down below..dubiously dining on dirt, that dove.

-too fast? click on pause, and manually move it, or click on the picture to switch to my google picasa album. Also, certain broswers may chop the slideshow frame. Best click on the picture to go to the picasa album version, and hit Full Frame or Slideshow there, for the full effect. :]

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