Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Into the Gardens

I finally made it to the Huntington Library and Gardens, and quickly realized that I should not have procrastinated. It was pretty pretttyy hot, lemme tell ya. I should have come by when the weather was cooler. I was beginning to wonder if a hot camera was a normal occurrence, but then, I thought about all those hardcore extreme photographers and the elements they impose on their gear...so I started diving through waterfalls and tumbling through brushes, clicking all the while.


Well, here you go. Enjoy trip through the desert..Japan..China..and tropical forests even (minus the crazy wildlife.) Tis a shame that the place is only open for 6 hours at a time. The place is too big for just one visit. The time frame also doesn't allow for the nice natural lighting that you only get around dusk and dawn. (The Huntington's hours were 10:30-4:30) I didn't even get to go in the mansion and the museums! They have some awesome sculptures and paintings, but they'll have to wait till the next trip! :]

http://www.huntington.org/ <-- Come see for yourself!

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