Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in some knee, act

..I should've been asleep, but now I have to wake up.


Continued the unending process of cleaning/packing my room. My floor, now visible, draws me to lay down on it. Then roll around it, ...while taking pictures of things. Roll, roll .. and sleep escapes me. Drinking a liter of iced tea doesn't help. If i sleep now, I'll wake up on Thursday. No good. roll, roll..

..and the record, spin spins.. Spinning a scratchy lullaby that tempts me to the sheets. no..

so I drink more tea.

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Koala said...


You should have zlept, silly.

Paul said...

Silly, you have to sleep. (i am an english student. )

Hentai Sensei said...

have ,should zleep yllis! You

acnaib said...

wowow i have that same book, well done!