Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rubio Canyon Falls

Itchin' for somethin' new, we try Rubio Canyon.
There is a lot to be said for this hike, and while pictures may mean a thousand words, it still isn't enough to convey the insane, ball-tickling (for me at least) day we had. Maybe I just need better vocabulary, or a hot air balloon to take better pictures with. Maybe I'm just easy to please. Maybe..maybe, you should get up and hike here someday! But to say the least, this hike had a lot of ball-tickles (have I mentioned that yet?), "don't look down" moments, waterfall falling, butt-to-dirt sliding, finger-slicing climbing, and one spiny plant that pricked my ass while I was scaling up the rocks. Got me up in a hurry though.

So here you go: Rubio Canyon Falls (some*)
Have fun!

*There were more falls to be seen, but we:
(a) were exhausted
(b) needed to nurse my sliced up, and very dirty, finger
(c) x=42
(d) were eager to bathe for roughly an hour in the cold falls below

Maybe next time. Hopefully, then, I can take video instead. A big backpack and a giant octostick is definitely not the way to go around here.

Here is the description we followed. I like how this guy describes the Leontine falls part. hehe.

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