Monday, April 5, 2010

Hodge Podge

Poor blorg. I have been neglecting you haven't I? Well here we go, since I cannot sleep..let us update a bit.

Hmm. Seeing as how my macross project is getting dusty, I'll probably move that into a section of its own. But anyway..I couldn't sleep when I started going through the pictures, but now as I'm nearing the end, I am quite ready for bed. So quickly here, this is just a bunch of pictures I had left in my camera for a while now. Some adventures and misadventures with friends old and new. Mostly clouds (of course), and the waterfall hike (of course), squirrelz (duh) and an octo-stick. :o

Yeah. Enjoy! zzz.

Hodge Podge

*hint - you can navigate the slide-show with your arrow keys. :o

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