Monday, August 22, 2011


Score! My town becomes Garage Sale Central on the weekends. My favorite has got to be those plump cat-slash-foxes. It's like they ate an 8-ball. I asked for a bargain for the two (one was labeled 50 cents, the other 75 cents) and she says, "Yeah, you can have both for $1.50" o_o

Waiiitaminute.. (-_- )9 I ain't such a rapscallion that I can't see what you're pullin, old lady! Make it $5.00 and you got a deal! >.>

(click on image to zoom)

The Red Pony - .50¢
Pioneers in Science: Albert Einstein - .50¢
Fox/cats - $1.50 for two
Antique craftsman lantern - $5
1977 Star Wars trading cards - $2 for the lot
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego puzzle - $1
Fancy square sheets of paper - .10¢ per sheet plus 2 free
Wooden cigar boxes of awesome - $2
House of Seven Gables - $1
Book of Renoir slides - $1

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