Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowsome Hike

I told myself I'd go back to this trail when it got colder to see the snow, but I didn't expect to see it so soon. Granted, there wasn't much, but it was a pleasure to see. :] Nice to have been with friends at the time too. Sadly, it was late when we started and so the sun was already hiding behind the mountains just as we got to where the snow was. That made climbing the incline a lot more dangerous, being icy and all. Already, we were seeing a lot of the usual Korean hikers going down and slipping despite their fancy hiking sticks. One almost hit her head on a rock when she fell down, I believe. Lucky she didn't.

We'll go back next time. :] Most likely there will be more snow then.

Not much, but enjoy:

Snowsome Hike

And here's the last time we went there:

Icehouse Hike of yore


Sid said...

You're lucky you have snow (:
here, after it snows, an hour later you can only find it in the shade.

[o_o] said...

:] Yeah. It's up in the mountains though. I was surprised that we encountered it too, since it's been warm lately. You could see that there were more further up, but it was dangerous to go to. We're gonna go up again sometime later, when it's cooler, or maybe just earlier before the trail turns to slick icy slopes.