Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Mouse, The Moon, and Me

What do I do on Friday nights? Apparently I have parties in my head! Well that's perfectly fine. Could it be the first steps to my unhinging? A sublimely subtle slide towards my insanity, surely.

Well I was sitting outdoors at a tea place, under a crisp and cool night wondering why in the world would people prefer to sit indoors, buggered by incandescent light and lousy radio music. Not in a night like this. I mean ...the moon! Look at it. A silver crescent happily sleeping on its mattress of clouds.

Yeah. exactly like that.

The second one, I just added because I am fond of that expression. :o
Got if from a certain koala who does it a lot. :] oh ..i mean :o
And what moon wouldn't be nice with such an expression? Just look at his phase! (haha get it? :| ) Yeah. Well if there really was a "man on the moon" (I don't believe it, never seen it) then his face should be thus.

Let me interject my own blog for a moment and say that as I was sitting there, sometimes doodling, sometimes partying in my head, drinking milk tea, there was this mouse...or was it a rat...that would scurry across the street beside me, and up the grass towards me to stop and stare. Let's say it was a mouse to make it cute, but I think it was really a rat. But a cute rat. Really. I didn't think there could be one too, but there it was! After the first flurry of scurrying, I thought I'd never see him again, but he kept coming. Closer too! Not 2 feet away from me, this mouse-that-was-really-a-cute-rat. It would slowly inch towards me and then ..STOP. With a pose that suggested it'd be ready to break in another scurry flurry if I dared even breathe. And of course I breathed, and I even threw a pepper at it, thinking that mice er..rats..will eat peppers. (he didn't)
(side note: squirrels like nuts, but not honey roasted nuts)

See? Told you it was a cute rat. It would do you well not to doubt me again, it would.

What a wonky rat, I thought. I wonder what it wanted. My food wasn't that good, and I didn't smell like cheese (I thought). Then I remembered that one of favorite books had rats that would talk. The rats from Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Yeah, go read it, and maybe you'll see cute rats as well when you finally slip into insanity on a friday crescent mooned night. And I did wonder, whether or not he was trying to talk to me and the scurrying was actually his way of telling me to follow him. Yes! Follow the rat to the underground, where all the liberated minds are! No not Berkeley. Better than Berkeley! You type or spell that word a few times, and becomes a non-word. Berkeley. Berkeley. berk e ley. ber kel ey. Seriously.

ser ious ly. se ri iuos ly.


So that takes care of the Moon, and the Mouse. I guess the Me is all over the place in this, but here's a doodle that unexpectedly came up:

That should be the face of the cinder block.


The End. So what does it mean? Why don't we have you tell me. More fun that way. :]


And that was my Friday night.
Right now it's Saturday. Prime time for jazz and cleaning. Positive outlooks ahead with 20% chance of boba. May your days be just as nice, if not crazy.