Wednesday, August 26, 2009


welluh, welluh..It's been awhila. Again. Been so preoccupied as of late, what with new gadgetry and boba and work and boba ..
I apologize to those I made cry. I apologize to those whom I never said goodbye.. But here I am now...with what? I don't know actually. I am just spiked on boba at the moment, and thought I should make use of it while I gots the juice! Got some pics to upload, but I forgot what's in 'em. They might be nice. Hmm. Let me take a gander at it. (meanders over to the state of gander)

Well I fell asleep. Now it is two days later, 3 AM and yes, wired on boba yet again. Maybe I'll go sleep in the bathtub, and rig the shower to wake me up in a few hours. I read that there is an alarm clock out there that flies, making you chase it to shut it down. Someone get me one of those.

Okay, so yeah, here are the pics of yore. I hope they won't bore. Cuz though they be mi amore, it really was a chor-eh to...lesbian.

eh? Yes. According to a friend in late night chat (r.i.p.)(the chat, not the friend), "lesbian" rhymes with everything. And guess what? It does.
On that note, enjoy the pics! Good that I got this out right now. This coming weekend is all about an all new awesome river bridge hike that has the promise of pictoral abundance. No not pectoral. Lesbian.

-too fast? click on pause, and manually move it, or click on the picture to switch to my google picasa album. Also, certain broswers may chop the slideshow frame. Best click on the picture to go to the picasa album version, and hit Full Frame or Slideshow there, for the full effect. :]

PS - Boba place closes and I get in my car, and look what I see when I flip on the headlights:

me! In duality even. One side is ['o'] The other is [._.]


madkins42 said...

my face says....
all at once...

Sid said...


and I felt really silly while looking at your water pics... cause... I was like oh wow! those are amazing, I can almost hear the water crashing on the rocks. and then I realized I really was hearing water! and that's when I noticed I had IP open in another window. dork is me.

[o_o] said...

dork is you indeed, sid.
Everytime someone types IP, I always think Internet Protocol, and think..what the heck is she talkin about?

mm. i had a friend's tomato cheese pie. mmm. i want some more

Sid said...

ask for a recpie, I've never heard of that before

fox said...

so are boxmen a common phenomenon in gander land-er?
or do they just follow you around, i've never seen one before but you seem to be able to find an abundance of them just by looking to your left.

[o_o] said...

I looked to my left just now, and I see no boxman. Only some weirdo who keeps randomly snapping and/or clapping his hands/slapping his lap. He also has a GIANT laptop that can substitute for an ironing board. He tried to breach my psyche earlier, but I sent mental spikes to his cerebral face.

Anyway, I think the less sleep I get, the more likely I see boxpeople. I say 'people' because I'd like to meet a nice curvy box woman one of these days, ironic as that statement is.

And how are you biancafox?