Friday, May 22, 2009


A simple, straightforward and happy song about the usual things people can be happy about: love, togetherness, teddy bears..yada yada.

But oh the complicated things it brought out. Made even more complicated with the circumstance of chance. A timely intervention to my crumbling resolution. Why now?

Ignorance would've been fine. Had it remained a melody, a harmless harmony associated with the pictures that moved. A harmless happy harmony. It would've made a better dedication. But I had to search didn't I? And finding out the words, melody is now tuned to the memory. The pictures now speak of different things. Of wings with no flight. Of things kept inside, dampened and gone dark, never having seen the light.

This song isn't for me then, it's for them. But the meaning remains mine. This feeling, unearthed, is my own dirt. Best stop digging before I make it my grave.

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